BC+A ateliers offers a creative and innovative design service, with our artistic approach coupled with engineering expertise. We work as a collaborative design team to produce schemes that are harmonious and enhancing to interiors and architectures as well as creating the desired moods and ambiences.

Our design philosophy always emphasizes on innovation and creativity, the fulfillment of the needs of visual comfort and performance and promoting user-oriented design solutions that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. All these aspects are achieved through an intensive collaboration with clients, architects and other designers in the design team and attention to detail that ensures all the intentions of the design can be executed in a practical and pragmatic way.

Our lighting design is produced through measurable solutions, innovative experiments, careful selections and ideal approaches to meet the needs of light in space, articulating forms and elements of physical, defining textures and colors while communicating aesthetic meaning from the messages behind the object's visual.

Our current range of services are, but not limited to lighting design and planning, lighting studies and researches, lighting calculations and simulations, lighting installations, event and theatrical lighting.