BC+A Ateliers is a professional and independent design firm specializing in the field of lighting design. The firm manpower includes experts and masters in their respective field, ready to perform task with full commitment and responsibility. Our services in project are always user oriented. Our professional working culture has been tested within fast competition target to detailed engineering design, with both combined with the pursuit of excellence. Those, coupled with our sensitivity to client needs, technical expertise and superior design skill, we will ensure the end result will be absolutely first class.

Our design formulas are aimed to create comfortable yet aesthetically exceptional visual enviroments for people. Our sustainable lighting solution reinforces both the interior and exterior architectural concepts while at the same time conserving energy, improving productivity and facilitates long-term maintenance. All of our state of the art and ecofriendly designs are achieved through approaches in cost effective solutions with all options are value engineered.

We design by asking the right questions. We always expand our creativity as well as emphasizing innovation and attention to details in our houses, hotels, resorts, offices, clubs, shopping malls and city centers. Our design strength lies between the core of our company values, which comprises four simple yet powerful ideas: mind, culture, passion and soul.