Design Process

Our lighting design is, and always be a result of a creative process rather than just a designer’s drawing. Our design phases start with design conception all the way through to commissioning in a cyclical way, instead of the traditional successive way. All design decissions is reviewed on all the design process in concept, schematic, development, tender and supervision phases to ensure that every judgement is made for the client’s and user’s best interest.

Our design process in conceptual phase will include attendance in design brief, survey of the lighting environment surrounding the project site, review of reference ambient and/or relevant case studies, brainstorming and concept design workshops with other designer/involved parties, deepened study through lighting concept drawings and researches, development of a lighting master concept and strategy and presentation of the lighting concept.

The schematic phase will involve study and analysis of various lighting techniques, study through lighting simulations ad/or calculations, development of CG simulations and/or CG renderings, developing schematic lighting fixtures layout, lighting control and schedules, calculation of cost effective lighting budget.

Once approved, the design will proceed with development stage which include detailed analysis of lighting effects, finalization of lighting fixtures layout and determine performance specifications, analysis of coordinated technical details and requirements to ensure design integration, operation schedules, budget estimation and value engineering.

We provide client with full assistance during the tender by preparing a comprehensive tender documents, clarifying all queries raised by the tenderer and vice versa, evaluating the tender returns, interviewing the tenderers together with Client and relevant parties, analysing acceptability of tender offer (including cost).

Day to day supervision (in and out of office) is crucial to ensure every aspect of design is excecuted as they should be. A clear description of lighting design intent to builders is the key to a succesful execution. Our participation in regular on-site meetings is inevitable to response to design changes and revisions, checking and coordinating the combined service drawings with the lighting scheme, approval of light fixture shop drawings, supervising lighting mock ups as well as final lighting adjustments, focusing, and programming of lighting control system.

Our final closure of every project are the site visits to supervise the final scene setting and light effects, engaging the Client and other consultants in site walkthrough to show the final effect and assessing any damages or defects which require rectification works. The consistency of all the above process in all of our project is what makes our solution is always first class.